Hello again, Beate and me are launching a new interactive webinar/ discussion format on:

COVID Crisis Webinar

“How will the business world look like after the COVID crisis? Outlook for industrial sectors”. The webinar will address the effects of COVID19 on business and we aim to create a space for you to have a lively discussion. We will focus on industrial sectors and businesses that you are a member or you find particularly interesting. We also hope that you will enjoy meeting and connecting with fellow participants. Furthermore, we will offer follow-up webinars on other topics in similar and in different participant constellations so you can create sustainable connections.

The event will take around 1 hour and will consist of an introduction of participants, a short summary of the COVID crisis and how it changes business and particularly the different industrial sectors and a moderator-led discussion between participants. To enable other people to benefit from our discussions we write a summary of the key insights we receive in the session on Linkedin and you may be added as a co-author if you wish.

Why did we create this new format?

Beate and I already provided webinars at the beginning of the COVID crisis because we felt people miss events and seek information about the current crisis. Just a few weeks later, other firms and individuals caught up and many are now offering webinars in various formats for free. Even though the extensive collection of webinars is amazing, we quickly felt people being tired of traditional formats as they were lacking the personal experience of meeting people. Therefore, we decided to launch this different format. We already had one successful trial run.

The event will be held in Zoom and requires audio and video features to properly participate. Duration: 1 hour.

If you are interested in participating, please use the contact form on this website or write an email to schelp@priscillaschelp.com.

PS: As we want to make sure all participants are interested and willing to engage:

Please state why you want to take part in the event, which industrial sector you are in and how you can add value to the conversation (content and personality-wise). We are looking forward to your application. Thank you.

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