NEW BOOK SERIES: Build A Word-Class Network with PRISCILLA

There is nothing better than fostering new relationships and constantly growing alongside them; be it corporate or personal, the opportunities we get to attain satisfaction and happiness through them is priceless. That is exactly what networking is; creating relationships from scratch and turning them into a network of people who love, support, motivate and inspire you in every walk of life.

I am a living example of how, despite all the odds, you can begin your career and build a network no matter what you do, no matter where you are. Now I even have my start-up networkx in that field! I am here to help you achieve your goals and to translate your vision into reality.

What do you need? A can-do attitude.

The journey towards becoming your Superself!

I wrote this book inspired by not just the people around me but also my own journey that has led me to work on the quality of my relationships in a much more professional context because that's what helped me attain a better quality of life. We met a few months back. He is a connection coach and a TEDx speaker who interviewed me for his podcast "Excuses to Connect". I could feel an instant connection with him as we bonded over our social skills, or lack thereof, growing up. However, we both didn't just settle for being introverted and socially awkward teens. We decided to build an amazing network from scratch and transform our socially awkward personalities into confident ones.

Writing this book and mentoring young adults to take that first step with us have been the two things that we did to build the same connection with you and to help you attain your superself!

More about this First book

It is a self-help and transformative book that is the first launch of the three-part series. As a Connection expert, I took it upon myself to condense the knowledge we both have of this field and the experience that has allowed us to navigate in this field into three books that not only acknowledge your past and the struggles you face but also empower you to take action now and guiding you through the process. The connections you build are essential for your mental well-being, to live and lead a happy, healthy life without falling prey to your insecurities because there is nothing that YOU can not overcome. Take it from Richard and me!

So, what is the wait for? Buy our book on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback version now!


Consulting & Training

Based on my international consulting experience, I consult organizations to help them to increase their competitiveness. My approach is the balance between innovation and risk management in the business strategy and its execution. The combination might sound counterintuitive to conflicting. But considering these three areas makes you prepared for the future. I am happy to share my expertise from risk management consulting and venture capital with listed firms, mid-sized firms, startups and for NGOs.