Building Meaningful Connections and Valuable Communities

We have grown up listening to why building a network and having connections is a valuable thing; however, this doesn't come naturally to all of us. We all need guidance and assistance in networking by someone who is not only well-connected but has experience in overcoming hurdles and defying the odds.

With my startup networkx, I bring you the opportunity to outstanding individuals and organisations to join the most exclusive clubs in the world and experience the perks such as business, private member, service, polo, yacht, automobile, arts clubs and more.

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As a connection and community-building expert, There is no doubt that this requires adequate effort and communication skills so that you are able to successfully navigate the world of business, diplomacy, politics, venture capital, startups, and research. But worry no more! Because this is what I am here for.

Get an overview over the services I offer:

For Individuals


Given my professional background in connection building, I offer you the chance to take coaching lessons from me in order to be more well-equipped to build meaningful connections and enhance your network. Making connections is a skill that requires training and coaching if you have grown up to be a shy, introverted individual like me. However, I can help you gain the attention and attract the people you want and instantly build a network that will help you in every walk of life. I will be giving individual attention to you, designing plans based on your need and guiding you through their implementation so that you can come out of this coaching experience as a supernetworker and -connector.

For Organizations

I support organizations in the areas where networking and connecting is especially essential, therefore I am looking forward to supporting you with the following topics:

Improving Corporate Culture

Especially in the current employee market, with trends like new work and the demanding Gen Z, companies need to focus on having a good corporate culture – to not lose the war for talent. A great culture that makes your existing employees thrive and attracts new talents.

Fostering Internal and External Collaboration

One secret to great firm performance is collaboration. I am talking about your employees and leadership team being open, information & opportunity-sharing and supporting one another. I am talking about different parts of the organizations successfully working together. Also to be successfully you want to collaborate in your supply chain and partner with other organizations in order to create win-win situations.

Building and Managing Communities

One sided communication is dead, welcome to the century of interaction & discussion! Whether you are a club that is looking to improving its culture, an organization that regularly organizes events and or a firm that generates or manages an online or offline community of supporters, I am here to help.

Workshops & Consulting at an organization

My goal for every organization that works with me is to provide learning-packed workshops and consultation sessions that help you to strategically lay out your pathway to achieve a great culture, enhance collaboration or build/manage communities and accompany you during its implementation. It is dear to me that the members of your organization understand the art of connecting and the ways of building a healthy network where everyone feels included and aids in a more mentally stimulating atmosphere. This is one of the ways to increase the productivity levels of the entire team, as these workshops themselves offer an opportunity for the employees to learn a bit more about their skills and evaluate themselves. These workshops are designed for everyone working in the organization; those who lead and those who follow. The key is to present you with a holistic knowledge of the subject of connecting & community building and encourage you to adopt it in your real life.

Leadership & Employee coaching

Every organization has two important units; the leaders and the team members. By working in collaboration, they bring about results that help the company boost its sales and increase its ranking. However, any organization's reputation is also dependent on these two units and their skills in making connections that can bring not just new customers and partners on board but also reconnect broken networks. This requires careful evaluation by both parties and recognizing when to seize the moment. I will help organize and structure the strategy for your organization and how it can expand its network without compromising your reputation. I coach employees and instill in them leadership qualities so that they are not always taking the back seat, but when the time comes, they are able to shine through and bring as much traction to the company as possible.

Keynote Speeches

If you want your workers and employees to have a positive influence and create a culture of productivity, growth, and improvement, the best way to go about it is by exposing them to more and more learning opportunities where they can not only learn about the skills required to succeed but can also aid to a healthy environment where they respect each other's sentiments and cultivate a positive atmosphere to work and be productive. Organizing keynote speeches are one of the ways to build a personal brand while creating career networking opportunities at those events and beyond. Therefore, I take a practical approach whenever I am honored with the opportunity to offer workers my insights stemming from years of experience. I always aim to engage the audience and use various ways of imparting the knowledge that I have accumulated from building such a network and how to work a room, even as a beginner. This sets the tone for your organization's culture and increases employee satisfaction as they are not just working 9-5 like in their companies, but you are also providing them with a stimulating atmosphere that they appreciate even more. Obviously I am also happy to hold key note speeches at events of yours that include an external audience.


Before I built my networking startup networkx (clickable link to:, I was known to be a qualified moderator who could easily work the room and navigate businessmen and businesswomen confidently (see my previous experience and references here: (link to project page)). Using my skills and years of experience in moderation, I am offering your company this service in order to lead and oversee meetings, discussions, conferences, and so much more that need to be moderated by a professional. It's very easy for someone to be intimidated in the presence of strong leads; however, over time, I have learned to calm my nerves, and instead of feeling timid, I exude a certain level of surety and confidence that is highly influential and helps create a positive impression for your company. One of the most useful results of this position is that it helps deepens the network and helps bag more leads for your organization by creating a positive impact.


One of the extensions of Moderation primarily focuses on introductions that can help expand your network and, right off the bat, set an impression for your company. This is also a successful building block of internal and external collaborations that help build your company's identity in the longer run. I offer introduction services that create an influence on the receiver and bridge the communication gap between your company and the potential connections. I ensure that I am persuasive enough and have all the right tactics up my sleeve to make these introductions a lasting impression on those who matter the most!

Consulting & Training

Based on my international consulting experience, I consult organizations to help them to increase their competitiveness. My approach is the balance between innovation and risk management in the business strategy and its execution. The combination might sound counterintuitive to conflicting. But considering these three areas makes you prepared for the future. I am happy to share my expertise from risk management consulting and venture capital with listed firms, mid-sized firms, startups and for NGOs.